Monday, December 21, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance circumspection

(by R.P.Edwards)

For work and way
A needful notice
Of you this day
But remember, madam
Remember, gent
Your talents, gifts
From God
Are lent
Your toil was long
And hard
And dear
Your perseverance
Brought you here
And we salute you
Madam, gent
But your strength and breath
From God were lent
So celebrate!
On this, your day!
As cap and gown
Are stored away
Then turn your steps
Yes, turn and do
Bring forth the harvest
Sown in you 
But remember often
 As decades go
And OTHERS reap
From what YOU know
Remember, finally
Your precious life
From God
Was lent


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge 
(Proverbs 1:7)

Attended a graduation ceremony recently. An undergraduate degree was awarded to a loved one and it was celebratory and yet somber at the same time. Celebratory; for great effort and tireless pursuit were needed to lift this weight along with the others already placed securely upon the shoulders. Somber; because of my mourning over the rudderless state of the vessel that welcomes the innocents and schools them, for years, in the bastard art (pardon me) of navigating with a broken compass.

Yes, it's a God thing again. Absolutely fundamental. The recognition of the greater SOMEONE. Of Nature's God, the Creator, the Supreme Judge of the World, Divine Providence (Jefferson's words). A Higher Learning that bows the knee and does not aspire to godhood. That's what it USED to be, and still is in lessening numbers (I speak from imperfect knowledge). And so, these PC Petri Dishes continue to introduce and grow infectious cultures that are then injected into society and, since elites bond with elites, places of power--in particular--and we all--by extension--are sickened. And oh, how we reek of rebellion and recklessness and rot.

However, trying to be less of a faultfinder (I know, too late), I did feel a swelling with the playing of the traditional graduation march, Pomp and Circumstance and, although God was not officially recognized in the celebration, I could tell from some of the words spoken that His influence was apparent. AND, since this is the Midwest, the ROTC had an honored place as well.

Conclusion: I DO have hope for academia. But it will begin with a spiritual revival. I shall pray towards that end.


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