Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dr Ben Carson and Fried Bologna

Fried Bologna
(by R.P.Edwards)

Fried bologna
In the pan
Forget your bacon!
Forget your spam!
Forget your sausage!
Patties! links!
Ignore their comments
And what they thinks!
It's comfort food!
A round delight!
The craving hit you
in the night
So grab the package!
Pull the slice!
It's fried bologna!
Really nice

And so, Presidential candidate, Dr Ben Carson, said, in essence, that he didn't want a devout Muslim in the White House. Why? Because their allegiance to the Koran, the Hadith and Sharia law would supersede their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. 

Not really that controversial (although some try and make it so). Look around. "See" for yourself the fruit born of those who closely adhere to the "prophet's" teaching. Observe the societal conditions of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, etc. And we want that here? Obviously not.

But, let's pause a moment for a minor study in perspective. Concerning Dr Carson; it is my understanding that he is a "devout" Christian. As one myself I take that to mean that his "faith" is hardly superficial. He, no doubt, is keenly aware of scripture's admonition to--love your enemies; pray for your persecutors, do good,  respect authority; defend the helpless; recognize the life in the womb and God's definition of marriage--and on and on. You see, the good doctor's "belief" molds HIS behavior, and he might naturally expect others who proclaim another faith to be as serious as he.

On the other hand: there are many (including quite a number in the media) who often view Christianity as a garnish; an add on; a placating name-drop. Thus, many who claim to follow the Savior, prove, by their actions, that they haven't a clue. And some, by their actions, prove that their hand placement on the Bible meant virtually nothing.

And as far as the "fried bologna" goes; my youngest wanted it for breakfast. Simple fare. And, might I add, Dr Carson's unpolished tendency to tell the truth; this too is another kind of comfort food.


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