Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Job Interview

The Job Interview
(by R.P.Edwards)

And grace
Smooth of speech
And shining face
Our eyes were drawn
Emotions too
Then a background check
And, "Nope, not you."

"So, what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?"

The setting: the plush penthouse boardroom of a billion dollar corporation; on the brink of insolvency

"I like him," offered Jacqueline, the silver-haired matron of the group. A carry-over from the buyout two-decades past, she was known for tempering all her decisions with motherly compassion and also known for crocheting mittens during winter board meetings; this pair had white and red stripes.

"Polished, professional, convincing; I think he's just what we need." Reginald, closest to the chair stood during this brief oration and leaned, palms down, on the mahogany table and gazed briefly into the eyes of each as he made his point.

"Seems like the real deal, alright," offered Frederickson, who always seemed to use the phrase at least once, no matter what the topic.

There was a brief interruption as the large, gold-hinged door in the back swung open as Charley, the disheveled "information guy" scurried up to the front and handed the moderator a manila envelope and then, without comment or a slowing step he circled around and back out the still unsettled portal.

A minute later the conductor looked up from the "file" and declared. "No experience, ladies and gentlemen. Good intentions perhaps. Eloquent soliloquy skills, but no appreciable record. (slight pause) I say NO."

"Not again," offered Frederickson. 

"Definitely not," said Reginald, leaning on elbows and hanging his head slightly.

"Hell no," said Jacqueline without taking her eyes off the project. "Our last CEO almost killed this company. We need someone with a track-record."


Saw the recent debate. I like many of the candidates. ALL in one way or another. BUT, for the next POTUS (President of the United States) it seems to me that a former governor is a must! I like Cruz. I like Rubio. I like Fiorina. I like Trump. I like Carson. But they're ALL candidates for OJT and, we simply don't have time. And, of the talented governors represented; I remain a Huckabee fan.

Having said that, some of the others could still be of service. Cruz: Attorney General. Perhaps a future Supreme Court pick. Carson: Surgeon General. Maybe (reaching back to the lower tier) Lindsey Graham for Secretary of Defense. One of the other governors could fill the VP slot. Others could take on advisory rolls.

Serious business, this. I dearly hope the primary participants (talking about voters) snap out of it. 


A new Huckabee video is offered. A suggestion for GOP primary voters from the Fake Trio. Enjoy.



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