Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As long as it doesn't hurt...

No Pain
(by R.P.Edwards)

Casey Anthony
Got a pass
All because of Pain
The curious, furious
Wondered why
We’ll let the judge
He said
“Current jurisprudence
For in utero demise
Says “pain” is the criteria
Precedence applies”

Yes, I can see it now.  New laws on the books.  The sentencing of those who slaughter, mitigated by the “Pain factor.” 

“But your honor,” says the defending barrister, “he waited until they were asleep before blowing their heads off.”

I was doing my usual flitting about the web when I happened upon the debate about when a “fetus” can feel pain.  Twenty-six weeks? Twenty-four? Twenty?  The reason being, that it might not be nice to kill the “thing” if it felt uncomfortable while it’s little arms and legs were being ripped off.

So, I was thinkin‘, since “it hurts!” is now a factor, then, if Miss Anthony is indeed guilty of killing her daughter Caylee (surely you’ve been watching the proceedings?!) using chloroform, that means, by golly, that it was painless!  So, it’s kind of a nice murder.  Therefore, the sentence should reflect her humanity (all this “alleged,” of course).

Let’s review.  Killing the baby in the womb is alright…as long as it doesn’t feel any pain.  But, the real question is, dear reader, what of the pain in the Creator’s heart as we slaughter “his” children?  Are we concerned with that?  Apparently not.



Leona Salazar said...

Another brilliant commentary to expose those who make arbitrary judgments about when life begins. Your last paragraph says it all. Thank you for that. And thank God for the common sense court in Indiana whose order affirms that human life begins at conception. http://bit.ly/jnt3bt

R.P. Edwards said...

"Brilliant"? And thanks for the link to the Indiana ruling. Progress.