Saturday, June 25, 2011

Move the statue

New York et. al.
(by R.P.Edwards)

I fear for my country
The home of the brave
We bow to our beast
Becoming…it’s slave
Contempt for the fathers
Disdain for their tools
While we eat of “their” harvest
And whisper
“What fools”

And so, with much celebration, New York has gone the way of the “other” enlightened states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire) in allowing same-sex marriage.  Once again, the God of their Constitution, the God of our fathers, the God of the “endowed by their Creator“…got it wrong.  Just for fun, here’s part of the meaningless preamble to the Empire State’s premier document:

The People of the State of New York, grateful to Almighty God for our Freedom, in order to secure its blessings, DO ESTABLISH THIS CONSTITUTION

You know, I understand how some will cover and confuse the issue with the abstract absolute of L..O..V..E, (ignoring, of course, that in fairness the definition of marriage must now be expanded ad infinitum), but we’re talking society here.  The nurturing of children.  The bedrock of the family unit.  And, when those who have been so exquisitely schooled at the sewers of higher education; when these wrestle from God that which is only His to decree, then, choosing this path; to knowingly, arrogantly step outside of His sphere of blessing, they, by their actions; well...they then invite His “unblessing”.

Yes, yes, I know this is very “religious” and not at all in the comfort zone of “conservatism,” but, if the foundation of our Republic becomes corrupt; then who cares if we balance the budget, or control our borders, or repeal Obamacare?  And, although we pedestalize (a word I just invented) those who make money, or tickle us with their “talent,“ the truth is…a prosperous whoremonger is  worthy only of contempt.

One final extremist thought (that’s funny isn’t it.  I’m an “extremist” because I believe in traditional marriage), since the political world is increasingly complex these days, we, whoever “we” are, must, we MUST become aware of the value of our vote.  As mentioned in a previous post, thanks to Illinois voters putting in Governor Quinn, we are now sliding ever closer to Gomorrah.  However, I’m sure, before the election, many groups endorsed the man because of his “friendly” attitude towards Unions, or some other special interest (remember, a pro-union union guy is writing this!).  But, with his “carrot,” came the chain. And although I hope we prosper under his reign, I’ll truly be amazed if we do.

Another final thought (we’ll call it an amendment).  Over the last sixty five years (thanks in great part to the Supreme Court) we’ve been told over and over that the “God thing” is a garnish, an inconsequential, a “not to be taken seriously” archaic belief.  That “God” really had nothing to do with the birth, beginnings, or greatness of this Republic.  Well, all their careful planting is finally coming to harvest. Let’s just see if the fruit of their labors…is what they expected. 

Hopefully my next post will be light and fluffy.


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