Saturday, July 2, 2011

From here to there

From here…to there
(by R.P.Edwards)

From here to there
Is all we need
But some choose looks
And others speed
Some choose comfort
Hot and cold
And some choose new
And others old
Some choose tough
To climb a hill
Some choose sleek
That never will
Some choose pricey
To catch the eye
And others, cheap
No time for pride
But in the end
When said and done
Our choices, many
Down to one
Our simple need
Our common care
Is that we get
From here…to there

For some "tongue-in-cheek" mood music.  Click the youtube selection above the poem.  What song? What else: "I'm in love with my car." by Queen.

“I “am” a mechanic.”  Music to the ears.

A couple hours into my “working midnights” rest cycle…the phone rang.  “I’m in the Sams parking lot…and the van won’t start.”  Sigh.  Up I get; ride I borrow; stand I do; wiggle, hem, haw, pray, and a couple gents walk over.  One, like me, knows some stuff.  I ask (a light-hearted query), “Are you a mechanic?”  His answer: “No.” But, to his left a bearded gentleman speaks up and says, “I “am” a mechanic.” 

You know, there’s something about watching someone mess with your problem stuff.  Someone who knows what they’re doing, that is.  For the computer, it’s my son.  He’s nearly done with his programming degree and, along the way, he’s learned all kinds of “fix that” info that comes in quite handy.  One day I had a virus and it was amusing to see how he did an end-run around the bug’s devious counter-measures.  Problem solved.

Well, this mechanic guy was like that.  He checked this, beat that, wiggled this and, before long he discovered a relay that wasn’t relaying.  Said there might be a short somewhere, taxing the little gizmo to its untimely end.  After giving us some info as to a solution, he asked what else he could do.  And, you know, I believe if I had asked him to ferry us home…he would have.  Turns out he was a Christian.  Not just a talker, but a walker.  Wish I had gotten the name of his shop.

Well, it’s been a few more hours.  The van made it home.  There may still be some “bugs” to work out and, the running theme I get from my “advisors” is “get rid of it as soon as possible.” But, that little “headache” allowed me to meet a couple nice folk.  Got to touch base with daughter and son-in-law (they came to help also), and, it gave me an appreciation for those in a similar situation.  But, don’t get me wrong, I want a vehicle, when all is said and done, that will simply, reliably, get me from here…to there.  But, sometimes, “here to there” is a lonely ride.


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