Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nero Redux

An epiphany of sorts.  That last post.  The one with the link to “The Magnificent Seven” theme.  Well…understanding that reality shows like “Survivor” would be incredibly boring without the background music, I, in an attempt to make my drivel more palatable, will, from time to time, suggest a YouTube link for “mood enhancement.”  Perhaps the more astute commentators don’t need this crutch but….    Oh, yes, this will involve you opening another “tab” (in order to return to The Layoff Letters) while the music plays.  If you don’t know how to do that…ask your kids (that’s what I do.)  Today’s music selection…What a Wonderful World…enjoy  What a Wonderful World

Nero Redux
(by R.P.Edwards)

Nero fiddled
Loud and sweet
While Rome was burning
At his feet
Oblivious to
The hot decay
“I’ll blame the Christians

Inspiration in the room. There I was, involved in one of my time-consuming pursuits and, from across the room the barely audible words, “I wonder where he hides his fiddle.”

“Huh?” says I.

The President,” responds my wife.  “We hear how the economy is in the tank, and he proceeds to tell us how good things are.”  Thus, Rome decaying, and the leader…playing.

Well, no need to list the “negatives.” Many “see” the stats.  Many are “in” the stats.  The question is, when, in our wonderful system that allows us every few years to…change our minds, take a different tack, throw the rascals out; when “that” time gets here…will we be swooned by the same old tune, or will we choose a different conductor? History suggests that many will be swayed by the “play.” But, hopefully, as the burning timbers from our house glance off our heads (from time to time) perhaps we will be wise enough to choose a new fire chief.  And then, with water to the blaze, we can sing…What a Wonderful World.


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