Tuesday, June 7, 2011

D-Day, a day late

The Full Measure
(by R.P.Edwards)

Last full measure
Nothing more
Fighting, dying
On the shore
Thousands pushing
‘gainst the spear
Long ago
So far…from here
And as we busy
In our ways
Complaining of our dreary days
Remember those
Who bought our bore
With their last full measure
On…the shore

I missed it.  Didn’t even cross my mind.  True, I had an extra eight added to my workday (self inflicted) but you’d think I would have paused a moment…to remember.

D-Day.  The beaches of Normandy.  1944.  The beginning of the end for Nazi occupied Europe.  A part of the enormous effort known as World War II.  When America rose to prominence and power.  A time when school days began with prayer.  When marriage was to be honored.  And babies…were to be loved.  And a time when a text…was the body…of a book.

So far are we from those days.  So different are we from the values…of they.  Yet, while we are quick to claim their accomplishments, we, so often, by our actions…dishonor them.  We elect their opposites.  We subscribe to their opposites.  And we send our children to be educated by…their opposites.  And, even as I pen these words (thinking perhaps a softening is in order) I pause a moment to think of the abortion clinic down the street; the recent decrees of the government of my state, and the constant spewing of the know-better media.  And I conclude; perhaps “forgetting” is the proper course.  At least it points in the direction of…honesty.


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Leona Salazar said...

Don't feel too bad; most of the major news outlets didn't even mention it. Thanks for reminding all of us.