Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Magnificent Seven 2011

The Debate
(by R.P.Edwards)

Pawlenty had some pointers
Santorum had his say
Romney made a go of it
Bachmann made some hay
Gingrich pearled some wisdom
Cain spoke plain…like Paul
And ‘gainst the current president
I’d choose…“them”
One…and all

The people were oppressed, fearful, impoverished.  O, they weren’t lazy, they worked hard. Real hard.  But, just when they started to get ahead; live the “dream,”…then Big Brother would violently butt in and take “their” money, and redistribute and waste it!  Well, they needed help, so these “peasants" sought out “the seven”; seven fighters who would stand up to the bully and end his reckless reign.

I’m talking, of course, of the Republican Debate in New Hampshire the other night.  But, I suppose the promo could also be used for the classic movie, The Magnificent Seven.  Of the movie, it’s worth a look.  Came out in 1960.  Star studded (Brynner, McQueen, Wallach, Coburn, Bronson, Vaughn) with a wonderful soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein.  The music is classic “cowboy,” it was later used for Marlboro cigarette commercials (if I recall correctly) and maybe, of late…for steak.  Anyway, it’s great.  Here’s a you tube link; it will make the reading…more palatable.   Theme  (Click it, open a new tab, and come back)

Of the debate: I saw a rebroadcast (that work thing again).  And…I have hope.  Sure, I don’t agree with all these folks in all their ways.  Sure, some have baggage, quirks, questions.  But, unequivocally, I’d take any one of them over the current resident of the White House (of course, Huckabee for VP would bring balance to the ticket [c’mon Gov!])

A couple notes: The moderator, CNN guy John King, did a good job.  However, I found it amusing that he emphasized that “this” debate, unlike others, would use the “honor system.” No “bells, whistles, or flashing lights.” Just a gentle prod from the director, now and then.  However, those gentle “ahem” type cues were numerous and annoying.  Kind of reminds me of the whole “we’ll sit down and talk, and all be friends” kind of thing.  Good in theory.  But next time…bring on the bells and whistles.

Now, for the word of the day… “Fecklessness.” Provided by Rick Santorum after a New Hampshire truck driver, Greg Salts, asked why we couldn’t get rid of some of the unnecessary military bases, to help pay down the debt.  Part of the former senator’s reply is as follows:

“What we’re dealing with is a failure of leadership…He (President Obama) has turned his back on American allies and he has embraced our enemies. Our enemies no longer respect us; our friends no longer trust us; and we have a foreign policy that, unfortunately now, we’re probably going to need more of a presence because we’ve created such a vacuum, thus all of the contingency operations that you’ve seen here as the result of America’s fecklessness in dealing with the threats that confront us.” 

Hear! Hear! Mr. Rick.  And to “the seven”….ride on, ride hard, ride to restore freedom, liberty, ...America.


(by R.P.Edwards)

Is reckless
A fool
And floundering
Life’s school
So add to your learning
The learning of “wise”
You’ll just be feckless
In everyone’s


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