Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wonder we

Wonder we
(by R.P.Edwards)

Wonder we
At Weiner’s plea
“A hacker
The day!”
But now we see
T’was Weiner’s we
That “he”
Sent out
To play

My right hand tingles a bit, due, I suppose, to the gasoline bath it received when I popped off the fuel filter in the Walmart parking lot where our fairly new (as in “recently purchased”) van…lost consciousness.  Oh, we’ve been having some electrical problems of late; usually resolved by jiggling this and that.  But yesterday, (and today, for that matter), no wiggle…worked.  Wife and I will be stepping out soon to meet the tow truck.  The doctor is waiting.  Oh yes, earlier, hoping for the “simple fix” I crawled under the conveyer and, while people were busy busying themselves with finding the lowest price, I slipped off the old--spewing filter--and slipped on …the new.  “Start ‘er up, son.  Darn.”

Anthony Weiner; democratic New York congressman has, like many before him, let his libido lead him into…lunacy.   The “Liberal” spokesman on many issues he, behind the scenes, was sharing his most intimate “opinion” with a select group of non-constituents.

Okay, the digital channels are rife with “Weiner woes” and, rather than piling on, I sincerely hope (yes, sincerely) that his repentance is…genuine.  That the Aqua Velva face-slap he rightly received has caused the young man…to refocus; to see clearly his responsibilities to his wife, his child, his country.

Yes, I’m a sucker for the “second chance.” A devotee of the “do-over.” And, though Mr W. is far too left for my taste; on a personal, human level…I hope he regroups and reforms.  What a shame he had to get “exposed” in order to become…composed. 


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