Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Pledgin' Mitt

 The Pledge
(by R.P.Edwards)

If you’re wrong
On what’s wrong
Your "right"
Is askew
Not seeing the depths
We question
Your view
For foundations are built
On deep solid stone
To reach to the sky

The depths
You must own

As I prepare for the “job” thing--this time cracking the dawn--I ponder the “pledge” and why Mitt won’t sign it.  I speak, of course, of the declaration put together by the Susan B. Anthony List--a PAC dedicated to babies not dying in the womb.  Susan B. Anthony, by the way--aside from the dollar coin that didn’t make it--was a 19th century suffragette who once referred to abortion as, “child murder.”

Anyway, this organization, trying to plumb the depths of GOP presidential candidates, offered them a pledge that supports the “right to life” as a potential resume booster.  Five signed.  Three declined.  Here's a link to the Susan B. site where you can see the pledge and pledgers:  The Pledge signers

Now, concerning Gov Romney, I’m still not clear on the reason for his “nay,” but it takes him down a peg in my “I want this guy” view.  Why?  Because of all the issues out there; the budget, the border, education, defense, etc, this one…is a definer.  You see, to simple me--and I know this will chafe many a collar bone
(sorry. no, not really)-- if you don’t “get it” that--to use Susan B’s phrase-- that “child murder” is wrong, well, your understanding of our “under Godness” is misplaced…or missing.

You see, like Slavery, abortion is a monstrous evil.  A horrid practice that acts as a cancer to our Republic.  A grievous sin that demands heaven’s attention.  And, to push it aside (not that it should “be” the platform, but certainly a plank!) because of political expediency, well, that causes me to question your foundations.

However--as I prepare to exit the building--fear not.  I most certainly would vote for Mitt Romney (and just about anyone else selected) over President Obama.  Why?  Because our current chief executive has made it abundantly clear, time and time again, that to him, the baby in the womb…is but...chattel.


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