Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome aboard, Ma'am

(by R.P.Edwards)

It’s just not right
Skirts beneath the sea
Their fingers on the button
Starting World War III
Launching nukes a plenty
To bring a fiery end
It’s just not right
That job belongs…to men

Squids and skimmers.  Those are the affectionate terms I remember from my navy days.  Squids were submariners and skimmers were the wave walkers and, although our “base” had both kinds, the underwater folk, along with their “boats,” were on the other side.  Separate facilities, and separate lives and, although I rather enjoyed seeing the sun now and then (despite the occasional bouts with seasickness) I sometimes wondered what it would have been like to try the “other” life; the life where you “run silent, run deep.”

In the news is the word that, starting in 2012, women will be allowed in the sub service.  Up until now…no dames.  And the reasoning?  I suppose it has something to do with the tight quarters, the extended deployments, and young, vibrant military folk crossing paths day, after day, after day.  Could effect “cohesion” and control.  However, the wise ones say tish-tosh and…away we go.  At first it will only be officers.

Now, doing a bit of research, it seems that half our nuclear “punch” is cruising beneath the waves…somewhere.  And, brother, these super boats are no joke!  Sure, the surface craft are formidable and fierce and, there’s plenty of feminine brass aboard; but these submarines? Well, they carry enough radioactive fireworks to light this globe up!  So, my point is simply this; when it comes to such massive destruction; when it comes to Armageddonish doings; shouldn’t a man be doing the crazy thing?  Isn’t that where we men excel? Isn’t that part of our design?  Seems to me that the feminine element will just get in the way.  But, I suppose with enough training these lady hawks can push the “button” as well as any man.  So hooray for equality and political correctness!  Hooray for the modern navy!  Yes, hooray for Ms Hornblower’s command: 3...2...1...launch!  Yes ladies, now you can do it all.  Pity.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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