Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Gospel
(by R.P.Edwards)

The telling
The hearing
The believing
The change
The Gospel, eternal
To the world…very strange
A Savior
A sinner
A sacrifice…for
A rising
A welcome
To life…evermore

It’s a residential area just over the tracks; just past what used to be a bustling downtown.  True enough, fifty years ago this hub was a happening place; shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and lots of industry.  Now, very little of that remains, but the small protestant church…it’s still here; and there was a revival goin’ on, and we were attending.

Now, to the unfamiliar, a “revival” is a special grouping of church services geared towards reminder, renewal, and restoration.  It’s kind of a vacation for the soul.  Just as a physical “time off” can revitalize the body and bones, a revival is a kind of  “time in” in order to refocus our affections; to remember what it’s all about; and Who it’s all about.  It’s a time to shake off complacency, and get reacquainted with the Lord, and each other.

Anyway, this small, pasty white, rectangular building was situated on a crooked corner and the parking lot gave testimony of a time when people walked to work, and to church.  In other words…small.  So, we parked on the street and, as we walked to and in, we offered our hands and a good word to those who cheerfully greeted us.  Some we knew.  Others, not.  But we had a common cause, a common passion, a common…Father.  And, by nights end, songs of praise and worship had gone up, the “word” had gone forth, burdens were shared and lifted, and things were not nearly as dire…and they had been.

You know, some say that it was a spiritual awakening that birthed the American dream, and dreamers.  It stands to reason, if “freedom” was birthed there, perhaps “there” is where we need to begin…again.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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