Sunday, April 4, 2010

A question to skeptics

For the skeptics
(by R.P.Edwards)

If the resurrection’s false
Then all “He” taught is too
The promise of eternal life
A fairytale…for fools
But here’s a question for the skeptics
Who have learned of how “they” died
Would they suffer for a liar?
Or the man…they saw…arise

Peter, crucified upside-down.  James, beheaded.  Thomas, lanced and burned.  Matthew, axed to death.  Simon, crucified.  Matthias, stoned and beheaded.  Bartholomew, flayed and crucified. 

Eye witnesses.  Those who had actually walked with Jesus.  Those who saw Him…die, and rise again. The traditional accounts of “their” deaths begs the question; would they suffer so…for a liar?  Granted, people will latch on to all kinds of beliefs and undergo extreme hardship for an intangible that is only concrete…in their own minds.  But these; they were with Him; they saw the thousands fed, and healed, and delivered.  And they heard His assertion of a resurrection.  Would they really be willing to go and preach a gospel of forgiveness through the blood of the cross; a gospel that invited ridicule and injury and death…if Jesus’ final proof…was no proof at all?

The obvious answer is “no.“ But, even as I write I perceive there are skeptics among us who will rally their many arguments against this, and any other so-called “evidence” that there ever was a God whose great love for us took shape in the form of a babe, who then grew and went on to preach the truth, only to die a horrible death; and then, as an ultimate proof of divinity, was raised three days later.  But, though they cleverly try to deflect every advance, one argument cannot be countered; that of the personal testimony.  You see, I know the carpenter exists.  Long ago I learned of his love, and it wooed me, and I invited Him into my troubled, repentant heart.  And I know; I know! there was an entering, a cleansing, an embracing, a fellowshipping. I know there was a darkness; and now there is light.  I know there was a tearful before, and now there is a joyful after.  And, “knowing” all this, I can imagine why these first century believers (and many more since and currently) welcomed the threatenings of death…to share a message…of true life.

So, to those who know Him; Happy Resurrection Day!  And to the skeptics, some gentle advice: if you will simply pause long enough to listen, you may very well hear Him knocking…at your hearts door.  A simple beginning might be, "Lord, if you're me."

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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