Monday, April 12, 2010

No left leaners, please

The Leaners
(by R.P.Edwards)

Leftward leaning
Is alright
When picking a movie
For the night
Or picking a cause
To love/eschew
Or picking classes
At liberal U
Or picking colors
For a car
Or picking a favorite TV star
But leftward leaning should never be
A judge who judges
You and me
Yes, leave the leaners
At the gate
From judgment’s seat
We want it…straight

“This is where I want to end up,” Emerson muttered as the last, slightly soiled (a latte accident) page of the thesis was placed at the far end of the rather long, dark, marble table where he did most of his deliberating.  With a gentle slap (as if to signify a “period”) he anchored it and then shuffled (no youngster, he) slowly back to the other end.  Then, leaning over the few pages of “beginnings” he looked up to his five trusted “assistants” who stood, sleeves rolled up and ready, in front of the towering mahogany shelves filled with
“legal opinion,” and gave the usual exhortation.  “Alright children, I want to get from here (he patted the first page with his slightly gnarled right hand) to there (using the uplifted index indicator of the same hand to point to the “conclusion”).  Then, as his helpers began pulling, and opening, and placing, he said (as he exited the room), “As usual, use the fourteenth amendment as the brick, and the 'commerce clause' as the mortar.  Goodnight, children.”  “Goodnight, Justice Feelgood.”

And so, supreme court justice, John Paul Stevens, will retire.  Nearly ninety, the judge will pass his gavel off to a younger jurist.  Thank you for your service.

Okay, enough of the niceties.  Reality check: at the end of the day our current president, after feathering the emptying supreme court nest with layers of lofty legalese; at the end of the day he will place a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-big government liberal, such as himself, in the seat of power. Unfortunately for all of us, this individual, once in place, will take on the attributes of a sovereign; that is, unelected, perpetual, and often…a royal pain in the rear.  Just another unintended consequence from those who voted for… “Hope and Change.”

This would be a good time to view again the silly song, “The American Kings,” listed and linked, at left.

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