Friday, April 2, 2010

Lincoln's Last Day

Good Friday
(by R.P.Edwards)

Willing lamb
Manifested God…and man
Partaker of the sinful brew
All unholy me…and you
And lifted high our shame he holds
As death envelopes
This way, this door, the Father’s wrath 

Through Jesus’ blood
The only…path

There was a deserter; a nameless someone who had forsaken his vow, his promise, his sacred oath to defend the Union and obey its representatives; to fight, and if need be…die.  Well, for whatever reason…he fled.  And the penalty for his “treason”…death.  However, before the noose, or the lead ball, there was one who could change his destiny.  There was one who had the power, the authority…to pardon.  And, on Good Friday, one hundred and forty-five years ago…pardon was given.  And, as Mr. Lincoln signed the document that gave this young man another chance, he was reputed to say,  "Well, I think the boy can do us more good above ground than underground."  Eight hours later, the one who stayed the marksman‘s blast, received a fatal bullet himself.

It’s Good Friday and, as I pondered an offering for today I came across the historical tidbit mentioned above.  Imagine, the Great Emancipator, killed on the anniversary of the day the Heavenly Emancipator bought “our” pardon by receiving the due penalty for our sin…Death.  Yes, in the grisly process of physical crucifixion, with the infinite adding of every sin of humankind, the spotless, pure, holy, Son of God, expressed the Father’s incredible love for us, by receiving “our” punishment…and making a way back to fellowship where none was humanly possible.  So…to those who know the reality of this pardon…it’s a time to give thanks.  And to those who wonder…a listening ear is waiting to receive your cry.

Following is a link to the site that tells of Lincoln’s last day.

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