Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Touch!

Mama said
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Unintended consequences”
Said the little boy
Whose finger bore a bandage, red
Whose mood was far from joy
“The whirring fan seemed so much fun
Though mama said, “Don’t touch!”
 So now I’ve learned, that Mamas know
And kids? Well, not so much”

It was one of those early memories.  One of those rare pre-school events that can be recalled, O these many decades later.  As I remember it, there was this fan, see.  Not an out of reach ceiling fan, mind you, but one on kid level; in the touching zone.  And brother, I wanted to touch it!  And why not?  It was big; it had large, shiny whirring blades and, as if giving an open invitation to the small ‘uns, there was plenty of room in the protective guard (pre reg days).  Anyway, Mama, knowing the evil nature of children, strictly warned me to NOT touch the fan.  So, naturally, when she left the room…I stuck my hand into the blur.  “Mommy!” I cried, “I did it!”  As a result, I had a nasty cut on my finger, and one of the fan blades was bent.  This, dear reader, is my earliest recollection of ‘unintended consequences.’  But, with a lifetime of ‘recalls’ I can tell you this…I didn’t learn the lesson very well.

Heard a little bit about recent reports concerning Healthcare Bill projections.  Seems that the rosy picture painted by our leaders…was just that, a picture. Turns out in reality this monster legislation will be a money pit, and a mausoleum .  Yes, with the millions of baby boomers (present!) getting ready to jump on the Medicare bandwagon, it seems this group will indeed find less ‘Medi’ and ‘Care,’ not to mention the penalties the younger folk will have to endure and, incredibly, the millions who will still be out of the loop. Yes, a classic case of unintended consequences.  But, to give them credit…the fan looked so pretty.

That’s what I think.  How about you? Click comments below…and say.

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