Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's all gonna burn

It’s all gonna burn
(by R.P.Edwards)

“It’s all gonna burn”
The fatalist phrase
Reflecting reflections
On ending…of days
That time in the future
The certain
The stop
When all fleshly fancies
Will sizzle…and pop
Yes, palaces, proud 
To the box on the street
The pompous and poor
Their atoms will meet
With keepsakes
And curtains
And four oh one K’s
All gone in an instant
In sulfurous waves
It’s all gonna burn
What you value…on earth
So cling to the thing
That gives heaven…it’s worth

“It’s all gonna burn.” A simple, almost thoughtless (though oceans deep) response.  “It’s all gonna burn.” Little more than a quip when spoken, yet laden large with tethers and tendrils that reach…into eternity.

I was sharing some small talk with my second oldest.  He, who has long had dreams of world travel and wanderings; as the end of his “anchored to home” education is finally approaching we delved a bit into his particular and peculiar…past.  You see, he was the child who would take things apart and, on many occasions…break them.  He, in the discourse, brought up the word “heirlooms” --as in being destroyed--and then I, as we continued to walk and talk, said the phrase.

Of late I’ve been quite occupied with the doings of my daily existence; the job; the things we use and rely on; the acquiring, and fixing, and finding; the much “stuff” that we stuff our lives with.  But, if I’ll pause for just a moment; pause and reflect upon that which lives within; upon that which is born from above because of the gift--the received gift of a Father’s love, and a Son’s substitution--well, then I remember that so many of the tangibles that we put so much value in here, are, in the light of forever…worthless.

You see, we really are more than just an evolutionary chance-baby.  We, each one of us, are so much more than the many gatherings of years.  And indeed, each one of us has a reserved invitation and place in the open arms of the eternal God. And, frankly, in the coming maelstrom…that’s the only safe place to be.  For, in the eventual “today,” everything we see with our natural eyes…will be no more.  Yes, “it’s all gonna burn,” but you, the real you; you don’t have to.  So, before your next project, or purchase, or all consuming pursuit, you just might want to take inventory…of your soul.  And, if it is found lacking in the eternal, fireproof stuff, you might want to check out the “link” on the side.  The one titled, “Of first importance.”


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