Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween; how appropriate

Scary Time
(by R.P.Edwards)

Scary costumes
Scary night
Scary jack-o’-lantern’s light
Scary stories
Send a chill
With scary words of pain…and ill
How fitting then
All hallows eve
Where darkness aids
The devil’s weave
And shadows shout
And whispers…scream
And nightmares are…the only dream
Fitting here
The pundits purr
Their lying, twisting, smearing slur
A last attempt
Deceiving say
But all dissolves
With light…of day

I woke up to the phrase, “Too extreme.”  A term used liberally (pun intended) by Charlie Crist concerning the views of his senatorial opponent, Marco Rubio.  Yes, the Florida race for “one of two” is not pretty and, as the date of decision nears (Nov 2), the attacks from both sides imitate a machine gun’s rapid staccato.

“Okay,” says I, “let’s check out Mr. Rubio’s positions and what Mr. Crist says of them.”  So, I went to the younger’s website and discovered a fellow dishing out standard conservative fare: cut taxes, extend tax breaks, help job creators, reduce the size of government, support veterans, deal with entitlements, oppose Obamacare, oppose cap-and-trade, reduce crippling regulation (EPA take notice), strengthen education (yawn) and, concerning judges, “Judges were never designed to create law.” Amen.

“Well, Mr. Crist, what’s extreme about that?”  So…I go to the governor’s website and, as might be expected, he points out that Marco’s view of judges and abortion…are considered out of the mainstream and (gasp) Mr. Rubio’s desire to actually “fix” Social Security; well, that evokes thoughts of an amputating doc (never mind the solvency thing.)


Today was pick the pumpkin day in preparation for Halloween.  The “holiday” is a couple days off and we have one young’un who’s still interested.  We went to the farm; walked the maze; looked at the animals; and bought the gourd.  Soon it will be gutted and placed on display and then the scary--not so scary--creatures will come out.   It’s all so predictable.  Even so, the attempts of the “moderate” in Florida to scare people to the polls…is also ho hum.  I only hope that before some buy a ticket to the “haunted house” he’s peddling,  that they remember that the ride we’ve been on for the last two years…well…this “screamer” is no joke.  And, if this roller coaster is allowed to continue; we’ll go off the rails for sure.  And…if it takes an "extremist" to slow this runaway train down.  Then I say, “Welcome aboard, Mr Rubio. Welcome aboard.”


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