Saturday, October 16, 2010

Advice for the President

Please, just go…
(by R.P.Edwards)

Back to the classroom
Back to the halls
Back to the towers…of ivory, and gall
Back to the land
Of fantasy’s tread
Where learning, and liberalism, and lunacy…bed
Away from the podium!
Away from the stand!
Away with the megaphone that cleaves to your hand!
Away with the speaking
The words without end
While the nation…in spiral
To Hell does descend
Yes, go back!
They’re all waiting
With arms open wide
They’ll receive you with joy!
They’ll embrace you with pride!
And your visage and vision
Will grace every hall
Please go back to the towers
Of ivory…and gall

I admit it…I’m a bit drained; a bit wearied and worried and just plain…worn out.  Like most I have a myriad of obligations and “must do’s” and the swing shift doesn’t really add to my “chipperness”  (“You seem kind of grouchy,” said one).  Then I read the snippet of how my president, once again, spoke for God.

It was a town hall meeting--a forum the great communicator seems to enjoy--and the question put to him was whether he thought gayness was a “choice” or not.  Mr. Obama, self-proclaimed Christian, said,  “I think that people are born with a certain makeup, and that we're all children of God.” Sigh.

I recall, further, the great compromise where a few pro-life Democrats sold their vote because they bought into the president’s executive order promise (concerning abortion and federal funds) and, with their added weight; Obamacare passed.  Then, a short time later the “order signer,”  Mr. Obama, tried to sidestep barriers preventing federally funded mini-abortions (embryos destroyed). Sigh.

And then I recall how coolly our commander-in-chief has treated our staunchest middle east ally, Israel.  And how hints of little or no aid (or incredibly, actual physical opposition to) will come concerning Israel's efforts to blunt the threat of a nation that openly declares their hatred and desire for the Jewish state's destruction.  Sigh…again.

Listen.  I have no animosity towards Mr. Obama.  I didn’t vote for him, but he is my President.  We pray for the man.  But, I truly believe the nation, under his leadership, is spiraling ever downward.  I believe, if his business-strangling plans come to fruition, our economy will tank.  I believe, if his international indifference (especially concerning Iran) continues, my two older sons may very well be drafted (I’m not overtly opposed to the draft); why?  Because, I don’t care how polished our front line troops are, a nuclear blast sweeps the floor…completely.  And, I won’t go into his efforts to bend morality.

So, here’s my advice.  Mr. President, I’ve heard you’re contemplating reelection. Why not consider the following instead?  Understanding, (I know you know this) that with the coming influx of conservatives your agenda will advance at a snails place (if at all).  Why not, then, politely and honorably…bow out?  Why not say, after the midterms--and a brief period of fighting the good fight--that since you cannot do what you want to do; what “we” need (wink) to do, you’re only going to be a one term president.  Then, proudly, honorably--after the swearing in of Mike Huckabee--go back to the Ivory tower where you will be hailed as a hero and can spend much of your time hopping from one University to the next, giving speeches, teaching short single-credit classes (“An evening with the President. One credit hour!”) and schmoozing with the elite; agreeing with each other over hors d'oeuvres and cocktails; lamenting how the nation “is not quite ready.  Yes, a pity, they--the masses--are not quite ready.”

So please, Mr. President, please…just go.


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