Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juan Williams

Juan Williams
(by R.P.Edwards)

Leftward leaning
Britt Hume’s foil
Faithful soldier
Decades toil
The liberal view
A steady say
They shouldn’t have treated Juan…that way
Panama born
To Brooklyn’s shore
Learning, leading, writing…more
Honest, upward
Into the fray
They shouldn’t have treated Juan…that way
To speak his mind
To think that worth’s
Returned…in kind
Believing words can bear the light
That truth will banish hateful night
But now…an outcast
He’s welcomed fresh
By you…and me
To air his heart
A secure…display
For we’ll never, never
Treat Juan…that way

Concerning Juan Williams and his mistreatment by NPR and other liberal entities; allow me to quote an excerpt from Justice Thomas’ eye opening autobiography titled, “My Grandfather’s son.”  The context: During the excruciating confirmation process; when Bush the elder’s nominee, Clarence Thomas, was subject to all manner of verbal, and written abuse and accusation; he recounts the following:

“The only bright moment came when Senator hatch mentioned an op-ed column by Juan Williams that had appeared in that morning’s Washington Post.  As the senator read it into the record, my heart spilled over with gratitude.  I knew that Juan had put his career on the line in order to say what he thought:

“Here is indiscriminate, mean-spirited mudslinging supported by the so-called champions of fairness: liberal politicians, unions, civil rights groups and women’s organizations…He has been conveniently transformed into a monster about whom it is fair to say anything, to whom it is fair to do anything…In pursuit of abuses by a conservative president the liberals have become the abusive monsters.””

Listen: In years past I tolerated Juan.  I found him somewhat pleasant, less abrasive than some, seemingly civil, but…but, I would still “lessen” him by grouping him into that segment of individuals that I refer to as “liberals;”  Especially those whose “social” views (i.e. abortion, gay-marriage, etc.) are not in line with my more conservative take.

However, when I read that excerpt from Judge Thomas’ autobiography, it put me on the Juan Williams bandwagon.  Indeed, I began to look at him with new eyes and, although I’ll, most likely, never bend to his political line, I find myself defining him as much more than just the guy who crosses swords with Britt Hume on Fox News Sunday.   In fact, an honest, honorable, courageous man like Juan Williams, has probably done more for the liberal cause than many who wrongfully claim the mantle.  And, as far as the NPR folk and their ilk; how sad they didn’t appreciate the gem…in their midst.


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