Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Perils of Paladino

To Wash a Brain
(by R.P.Edwards)

When we teach them…over and over
That such and such…is true
Don’t be surprised if eventually
The children learn…and do
Then boys will grow…and blow up
While babies…are thrown away
And anything goes in the bedroom
For “marriage” is straight…AND gay

Carl Paladino, contender for the head job in New York State, said the following to a gathering of orthodox Jews: “I don’t want them (children) to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid or successful option (as opposed to traditional marriage). It’s not.”

Well, hell ensued; and in the few days since the utterance--in various venues--he has felt the need to explain his obvious declaration.  Following is a quote made on Fox and Friends:  “We wanted to make a clear statement: Schools have no business teaching children about moral questions.  That’s reserved to the parents. And young children, and their minds, should be handled very delicately.”  On the Imus radio show he said his stance mirrored that of the Catholic Church.

My take: for this little offering let me focus on the one word: brainwashed.  Now, usually we associate this term with POW’s who, after cruel and extended mistreatment, have had their thinking altered to come into line with their captors.  Taking a phrase from the classic movie, Cool Hand Luke, they get their “mind right.”
Well, that kind of brain washing may be effective upon a set-in-their-ways adult, but for children it’s much simpler.  Simply tell them, over and over and over, what the “truth” is and, it just might stick.  Is it surprising then that in some cultures strapping a bomb to your body is considered a good thing?  After all, they’ve been taught that from itty-bitty.  And, there are some sub-cultures (even in the U.S) where polygamy is considered…godly.  So, they grow up, gather a harem, and create a reality show. 

Now, Mr. Paladino’s point is obvious:  The public schools should stay out of the “religion” business.  For, although God and his requirements (the Ten Commandments) have been officially expelled, there is, never-the-less, a new secular belief system of right and wrong.  And “it” is sliding ever away from our Judeo/Christian roots.  So, Mr. P thinks schools should return to teaching the basics, and leave the moral right and wrong stuff…to mom and dad. 

Conclusion:  The other “me” works in a Steel Mill.  We make Steel.  My co-workers come in various shapes and sizes and, no doubt, some have sexual mores that differ from my own.  These “differences” however, don’t come into play because…we make steel.  That is our priority.  Is it too difficult to understand, then, that public schools should at least have as much sense as the steel industry? That they should focus on the final product--an educated and able citizen--and not waste time wading into the waters of moral ambiguity?  How about this: let’s let the parents teach by word and deed the moral essentials of life and, if, upon reaching the conclusion of their twelfth public-school year the young man or woman then wants to explore the fantasy land known as the University; then, so be it.  But, before that time…Hands off!

The Perils of Paladino
(by R.P.Edwards)

Poor, poor, Paladino
Troubled by his views
Vexed by his invectives
Neglecting schmaltz and schmooze
Though some find him…abrasive
Preferring that he lie
I say hooray for honesty
Let’s give this guy…a try!


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