Friday, October 8, 2010

Pondering the AP Poll

Don’t lecture us
(by R.P.Edwards)

Incestuous Academics
Perpetuate the tale
Definers of our destiny
The Ivy League… “All Hail!”
The truth?
They didn’t bring us here
We owe them simply…squat!
So when they teach
Their tortured truth
Respectfully say…NOT!

“Working Class Whites Shun Democrats,” so said the headline after the results of September’s AP-GfK poll came out.  Seems the “unschooled” (i.e. no college sheepskin) have moved a whopping 22% in the direction of the elephant since the last election.  The “more learned ones?” Not so much.

I must admit, when I first heard the results a couple days back--and the implied derogation, by some, of the regular folk--I was livid.  As you might surmise, the beginning “poem” was birthed then.  And, if I had written this piece at the same time I probably would have used--in reference to our modern Universities and their progeny--phrases like, “Subsidized secular sewers, campuses of conceit, godless academics,” but, since I’ve had time to cool…and reflect…and realize that I, myself, do not care to be included in a broad-brush generalization (i.e. Union Thug.  I’m a union guy, but I’m an anti-thug) I’ll pause a moment and ask the all-important question instead… “What does ‘AP-GfK’ stand for?”  Sure, AP means “Associated Press,” but GfK?

Simply, there was this German fellow, Lidwig Erhard, who, in 1934 (no, he wasn’t a Nazi) started this research company called Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung, which translates to, “Society for Consumer Research.” Apparently these fellows are pretty good (Vince, the ShamWow hawker says, “You know the Germans always make good stuff.”)  And they “asked the questions.” 

Well, I looked the poll over (took a while) and there’s another statistic that you might be interested in.  Here’s the question, and result:

Overall, please tell me whether you approve, disapprove, or neither approve nor disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president.    Results: (then) Total Approve December 08--73%  Total Disapprove--14%, (Now) September 2010 Total approve--49%, Total Disapprove--50%

Alright, a moment on my beginning ire.  I’ve said it before and it rings ever true…the greatness of this Republic…is inherited.  I, and those who currently teach “us” from the Ivory towers have and had no part--none!--in how we got here.  Yet, these and their offspring (many of the prominent among us) proceed to tell us what is, and isn’t correct; what is, and isn’t proper; what is, and isn’t…true.  And, since their foundation is faulty…their conclusions often follow suit.

Conclusion: You want to know why the unschooled have changed their views?  Because, frankly, obviously, the many promises that were made before the last election…have been proven FALSE!  It’s something we regular folk refer to as “common sense” or “street smarts” and, sadly, you won’t find it in the curriculum of many, if not most, Secular Universities. 

The AP-GfK Poll




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