Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hollywood? Who cares?

No Script
(by R.P.Edwards)

From Hollywood
Have to have their say
Spouting out their point of view
Should we attention…pay?
For looking at their lit up lives
They’re oft a royal mess
So should we give a flying fig
For what they think…is best?

Alright, “hedonists” may, in some cases, be a bit…harsh.  But…it rhymed with “Hollywood” and, when I think of tinsel town I have a tendency to  “profile.”

It’s the phenomenon of media…and who controls it.  For better or worse we are captivated by celebrity; engrossed by glitz; enamored with the inane.  The pretty…persuade us.  The lovely…allure.  The talented…tempt.  At least that’s the case when makeup, or clothing, or perfume, or cars, or adult beverages need a little oomph in order to be sold.  We “know” them, and their opinion…counts. 

However, with the deepening national distress and distrust and…disgust, well, many are brushing aside the “opinions” of the opulent.  Oh, a couple years ago the “movie” was moving and we all joyously sang with the closing credits (alright, I was singing the blues).   But now, when legislation is on the table, or in the wings, that will effect our security, our financial future, our health, our national soul…should what the actors have to say…have any weight?

Conclusion:  Celebrities have as much right as anybody to air their views.  But, as the days of this drought drag on we are wisely giving less credence to their crooning.  Yes, the collective “we” are actually beginning to demand more from the known than a melodic sentence and a pretty face.  For, after all, giving more value to the words of the “stars” is as crazy as giving more value…to what I say.


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