Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unintended Consequences

Cat Conspirator
(by R.P.Edwards)

The infiltrator
The plant
The agent
The mole
The fly in the ointment
The mouse
And the hole
The catalyst
The variable
The stir stick
The heat
Just push in the cat…
And wait
For the feet

She wanted in there.  She was quite insistent.  The gray ghost…the nocturnal nuisance…the cat; she hovered by the door and did her figure eight dance in front of the drawbridge that led to the chamber where the two oldest males slumber.  I was up and, since my “upness” (to be fully appreciated) needed conscious beings, the claw-bearing cruise missile was launched.  I then quietly closed the hatch and proceeded to go about my business knowing that the cat was purposely doing…what cats do.  And, sure enough, a few minutes later, Son, number two, was shuffling about in the kitchen speaking of being awakened by cat paws on his face.  I thought it quite humorous until later in the afternoon I heard about his difficulty in staying awake at the University.  Something about getting up too early.  Oops, another case of unintended consequences. 

Was watching the news and seeing how our debt master (China) is beginning to use its growing “ownership” to influence our behavior.  Whether it be our dealings with Taiwan, or sanctions against Iran, or the managing of our own economy; they’ve got a firm (and getting firmer) hold on our economic throat and it appears that squeezing is a natural.  Of course, the solution is…get out of debt.  But it appears that that route is not a top priority of the big thinkers in Washington.  And so, the unintended consequence of our “credit” mentality…is servitude.  I’m sure the Tea Party folks are adding canvas to the tent.

As far as my Son’s sleepy session at the U (even complained of neck pain from excessive bobbing) I am a bit remorseful.  But, my window of opportunity to mess with him is getting smaller.  So…it’s still funny.

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justaddmidget said...

Its fun to get em while ya can. Won't be long though, they will be changing our diapers. Carefull or you'll be wearing heavy pants for a long time.

Wesley Sargent said...

Just as the rich rule the poor, so.....The Borrower is servant to the Leader. - Proverbs 22:7 (My pause for effected added!)