Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Tiger's Tale

Contrition Position
(by R.P.Edwards)

Contrition position
Look in the camera
Tell them you “know”
Don’t smile
Be somber
A tear if you can
Read every word
Follow the plan
Now, bail the boat
Lift anchor
Set sail
Try it again
And this time…
Don’t fail

My apologies for the lack of production.  I wanted the dedication to “Dave” to stand alone for a few days.  It was a minor tribute to someone who died an untimely, unnecessary, and mostly unmourned… death.

I watched the confession of Tiger Woods.  Although I tend towards cynicism (though not quite as much since I’m not working the midnight shift), I choose to believe him.  I’ll take him at his word (whether he wrote the “speech” or not) that he will strive to “do right,” and turn away from his wayward path.  For the sake of the wife, the children, the fans, the “followers”…he’ll do right.  I’m praying he does.

However, in the monologue he made a special effort to mention his spiritual roots of Buddhism.  Maybe it’s to counter the whole “turn to Christ” thing brought up by Brit Hume.  Don’t know.  But here’s what he said, “Buddhism…teaches me to stop following every impulse and learn restraint.”  Ah, yes, “learn restraint.”

Since this is a Sunday post, a word about “self-help.”  True, in Christianity we are familiar with the phrases and necessity of  “crucifying the flesh,” and  “renewing the mind,” but, before these “strivings” the journey must, MUST begin…with total surrender; an acknowledgment that in ourselves we are totally unable, incapable of living a life pleasing to God.  Indeed, truth, honor, purity, and real love…all have a source; and this source is never in the unrepentant human heart.  No, these divine attributes come from He who is…divine.  And the entrance to Him is not through “works,” or “wishes,” …but through a bloody cross.  And so, Mr. Woods, I wish you well.  But, if you want to make your journey back to fidelity more sure (not to mention the other, including eternal, benefits), follow the advice of Brit Hume… turn to Christ. 

That's what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below...and say.

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