Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Whale...Duh!

Tilly’s Tally
(by R.P.Edwards)

Now, let me see
This death…makes three!
That’s one, plus one, plus one
The whale gets cross
Plays “human toss”
And now…their lives…are done
But, don’t you fret
Don’t call the vet
Or worry for the whale
They’ll let him live
He’s such a studly male

Killer Whale.  Killer…killer whale.  Killer…killer…killer whale.  Tilikum, the SeaWorld whale with a rap sheet, grabs his trainer…and kills her.  That makes three.

Yes, Dawn Brancheau, who was living her dream…died in the jaws of her ponderous pet, and all we hear is how “she” would want nothing to happen to the whale.  “She loved the whales like her children,” says a sister, and Jack Hanna gives his opinion on the “great work” being done with these whales and points out how Tilikum is a proficient breeder.  Sheesh!

How about this:  What say we treat this beastie like all the other “animal friends” that kill us.  We put them down.  Yeah, yeah, I know this whale is a stud, and sure, the guy who jumped the fence was asking for it.  But really…this is an animal.  Say it with me… “Animal!” And no…they don’t have the same “rights” as we.  In fact, in my primitive way of thinking (as in, humans have the divine spark) every killer whale that ever existed, or ever will exist, if you lumped them altogether...they do not add up to one…human…life.

So, send in the harpooners.  Plug in the toaster and toss it in.  How about lethal injection? Or maybe a fight with some Great Whites.  The whale..should bite the dust.

And, oh yes.  All this talk about what Dawn would want.  I wonder, I really do, if she, as her body was being slammed and her lungs were filling with life-robbing water and her loved ones were flashing before her eyes;  I wonder if she would have minded if maybe the whale died…instead of her.  I’m guessing, when it comes right down to it…she’d pick life.  And as for Tilikum? To the cannery with that blasted whale.

That’s what I think.  How about you?  Click comments below…and say.

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