Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tebow, and Truth

How to Kill
(by R.P.Edwards)

Dehumanize your enemy
Declare them less than man
So much easier to dispose of
To fill the selfish plan
Treat them like a tumor
Remove and throw away
They’ll never stand to face you…
Until the judgment day

The Superbowl is upon us and, one of the commercials of controversy (although not yet seen by the general public at the time of this posting) has to do with Tim Tebow--a Heisman trophy winner who, over twenty years ago, was offered life by his mother, Pam, against the advice of her physicians who thought her recovery from a debilitating disease would be aided by the in Utero destruction (abortion) of her unborn son.  She, a Christian missionary, put her faith in a higher physician…and the world is blessed by her decision.

Now, apparently this commercial is a very low key celebration of life and family (otherwise it wouldn’t have been allowed in this venue).  Nevertheless, those who strongly support abortion rights are crying “foul!” They (although, remember, the commercial has not yet been seen) have elicited the aid of a couple sports spokesmen (Sean James and Al Joyner) to counter the message by gently (I watched ‘em) reminding us of the rights and wisdom of women. 

Just a slight word of advice.  Instead of taking the “athlete” tack, I recommend a more direct, more transparent approach.  So, when, say, Pam Tebow says how she’s glad that her son was born; counter by having women testify who are glad they’ve had an abortion .  And, when Tim says how he’s glad he had a chance to be born, counter with an individual who is glad he was never given that chance.  Come to think of it…that last part might be difficult.

Once again, the issue is not the choice of the woman, but whether the baby in the womb…is a “baby” in the womb.  Oh, that we would at least adopt the standard used in our criminal justice system to give these little guys a chance!  C'mon, let’s seriously look at this precious, unique, growing thing in the womb…and see if it rises to the level of “a reasonable doubt” of being human.  And, since “it” obviously does…let’s let him or her be born and “then” if mom wants to give the baby away…fine. 

As an aside:  I read one account where a pro-abortion group said the sponsor of the Tebow ad (Focus on the Family) is an extremist organization; well out of the mainstream.  What a laugh…and what a sad commentary on who we have become. 

That's what I think.  How about you.  Click comments below...and say.


jeftex said...

The libs scream about the right of a woman to choose, but when one chooses life they try to shut her up. They try to ban all opposition to abortion, and at the same time call us intolerant bigots. Have you noticed that it's generally the ones who are so gung-ho to murder our unborn who are the most opposed to killing our enemies?

R.P. Edwards said...

I certainly don't claim to know the answer, but part of it has to be the acknowledgment of God...and His sovereignty. Many of us say "He" defines "life," along with "right and wrong." Their foundation is different and, subsequently, their conclusions are also.