Monday, February 1, 2010

No deficit in double talk

Double Standard
(by R.P.Edwards)

Deficit spending
We know you well
Credit card…hell
But the government’s different
They charge
And WE pay
We’d go to jail…
if we did things Their way

Chili n Cheese omelet.  First tried it in Hawaii, over thirty years ago.  This morning, due to left-over chili in the fridge (nearly old enough to walk) I volunteered a couple eggs to accompany the beans.  Not bad.  Went well with the ancient heel of bread found buried in the cupboard (not fuzzy yet).  Doggone it! Can’t stand to throw the old timers out!

Noticed the new budget has been announced (yawn.)  Seemed a mix of… “the other guys fault” and  “it’s for your own good.”  Which equates to, as usual, massive and getting bigger…debt.  I especially like the “investment” strategies, like education.  Yes, throw more money at the kiddies.  Honestly, as a home schooling family (no tax credit, no government help, and we still pay taxes to help the local schools) the solution is (and I almost hate the word due to its soiled associations); the solution is…Choice.  Give a voucher to mom and dad and let them pick the school.  With a little competition, schools and scores would soar.  I know “we” could do wonders with just half the money allotted each child.

And yes…the deficit.  Since the title of this blog is “The Layoff Letters,” it was during that time when we realized just how wayward our budget had been.  Prior, we had been living with the assumption of continued increase.  However, reality arrived…and we have had to adjust.  So, the question:  When will “reality” make an appearance in the halls of congress?  From the proposed budget…it’s not there yet.

That’s what I think.  How about you.  Click comments below…and say.


justaddmidget said...

We are due Bob, soon. How long before the world cuts us off and demands payments. I think maybe then we will realize how well we had it.

R.P. Edwards said...

Exciting times.