Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Calculation

To Done
(by R.P.Edwards)

Never gets to done
Seldom will
Means it probably won’t
Has time to kill
But “Yes”
Will likely make it
“Right now”
Is on its way
“Already done”
Has been there
It’s actions…are the say

It’s called the “birthday breakfast” and it evolved from the “birthday milkshake.”  Kind of a family tradition, the child, on, or near their birthday (my schedule permitting) is taken out to breakfast by their Pop and, over pancakes and eggs (or whatever their little hearts desire) I reminisce about the day of their birth and perhaps add a few, “I remember when you did such and such.”  Usually a few probing questions are asked about the future, plus some admonitions are sprinkled in…and then we’re done.  Since we have a restaurant nearby, walking there is also part of the package.  A few years ago we had ice on the ground and my young companion had a bruised bottom to go along with the experience.

Learned of the heroics (via the tube and the internet)  of the Colorado middle-school math teacher, David Benke, who tackled a Mr. Eastwood, who was intent on shooting students as they exited the school.
Mr. Benke, who was monitoring the parking lot, had his actions already pre-programmed and quickly laid all aside (life, wife and kids, future) in order to quell the threat.  Today, due to his actions, this important story has a small slice of our attention.  If he had not acted, we would be engrossed in the tragedy. 

During this final phase of the Olympics, let us remember that real heroes are not those on the podium (no offense); No, they are the unassuming neighbor, coworker, stranger…who is willing to take the bullet (whatever the bullet may be)…on our behalf.  Hats off to you, David.  Your birthday breakfasts...will never be the same.

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