Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick of Treat in Illinois

Stand for something!
(by R.P.Edwards)

Stand for something!
Make it known!
Speak the truth!
Convictions own!
Show your colors!
Set your sail!
Away with courses
Weak and frail!
Enough! Enough!
Of mild and meek!
Enough of cowards'
Middle seek!
It's time for purpose
Pure and right!
It's time for torches
In the night!
So stand for something!
And make it known!
And speak the truth!
Convictions own!

Halloween. The pumpkin(s), candy, costumes...the whole bit. True, not as much first hand antics as in times past (since most of my young'uns are grown), but there's the grandchild, and a couple of the older heirs do enjoy a dress-up (and scare) of the the "come to the door" marauders. And, an unfortunate continuance, I burned, yet again, the harvested pumpkin seeds. Oh well.

Of late I've been inundated with election-related "cards;" bold-face blurbs blasting one candidate or another. Usually I don't even give them a glance (since I am conservatively bent.) However, the "Libertarian" candidate for Illinois Governor pointed out something quite disturbing. His charge: that the Republican candidate for said office, Bruce Rauner, is pro-choice ( I checked it out on the web and, sadly, it seems so. I WILL NOT be voting for Mr. Rauner.

I mean really, Republican Party! You mean to tell me you can't offer someone who's more than just a "good businessman?" Listen, we, in this troubled state don't need another talented tycoon adding to the moral morass by woeful waffling! What we need is a smarty that is also a clear and courageous defender of "right and wrong!" I ask you, how hard is it to say that you believe babies have a right to be born, and that your Christian convictions say that the marriage of a man to a woman has a sacred and divine place? Sure, you can add that you're pro-people, and you'd be the governor of all, but for goodness sake STAND UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT! 

And so, since compromise seems to be on the menu again, I will add to the division. I figure if we're going to be an immoral state...then let's go that direction...with gusto.


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