Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Benjamin Netanyahu and the UN

Netanyahu UN 2014
(by R.P.Edwards)

When one misstep 
Means all is lost
Your words are few
You KNOW the cost
And so you try
To share your sight
Of evil's goal
The coming night
And so you speak
To covered ears
 Perchance to wake
A reasoned fear
Of future truths
A grisly gist
The price of pause
The window missed
And so relay
The have-tos path
To stem the storm
To blunt the wrath
Before the flash
And certain death
Removes the skeptic's
Way and breath
And so with words
You tell the loss
To change the steps 
And count...the cost

Happened to hear the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's, speech to the UN the other day (well, I didn't just HAPPEN to hear it. I heard it was coming, and waited, expectantly, for it). He did not disappoint.

There was no mincing of words. He laid out the scenario (yes, using persuasive asides and tie-ins) that led to the gist of the speech...which was: Iran getting the nuke would bring dire consequences. 

Think about it for just a moment. Of course it would!  Knowing the mindset of the "I'll kill you if you don't convert or agree" element that has a prominent place in Islam....of course it would! In fact, it's absolutely insane to think otherwise!  And, to somehow think the "I hate Israel" crowd, thus armed, would not be emboldened to follow through on their evil heart's desire; this too is in the realm of lunacy. And, if I may, to think a nuclear Israel will sit idly by while "we" hem and haw and do nothing; this too calls for psychological evaluation.

Anyway, it's time to get serious and I hope the words of the warrior will stir some to action. The speech is linked above for those interested, along with a side of Huckabee; a potential President who seems to understand the times we live in, and is a staunch, STAUNCH supporter of Israel.


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