Sunday, October 26, 2014

Christian Voters Guide 2014 midterms

The Christian Claim
(by R.P.Edwards)

 "I'm a Christian"
Many claim
But is there "He"
Behind the name?

The local reporter paused a moment, searching for words as line upon line of, heretofore passive pew-sitters, entered the polling place to cast their sacred ballots to oust the "leaders" of San Antonio (and Houston!) in special elections that were carried into manifestation by a new and  not-to-be ignored moral majority.

"As I was saying," continued the seasoned teller, "its as if anyone who claimed the title of Christian suddenly became just the max. The story goes that this last Sunday a "divine" visitation was witnessed by all; a God-reality that--so I've been told--put every Christian believer on the same page. And these zealots--let's be honest here--all read and believe their Bible and, one of them told me, that means they ALL know that God hates abortion, and Gay marriage is unacceptable! And, from the looks of things, we're going to have new leadership not only in a couple of Texas towns...but all across this land. And although I can't explain it, it seems the Christian Church is, perhaps like never before...a force to be reckoned with.

As a Union Steelworker (my day job) I am often subject to gentle persuasions that urge me to vote for the "working man's" friend...the "whatever he or she is running for" democrat. As a Bible Believing Christian, I filter these recommendations accordingly.

The other day, as I approached the clock-in gate, I was greeted by a friendly gent who was running for congress. After the flesh was pressed I asked the question: "What are your thoughts on the life issue? Are you pro-choice?" After he gave me the usual, "It's up to the mother, and her spiritual adviser, and her doctor" answer I condensed his view and said, "You're pro-abortion," and walked away. 

It's really pretty simple: as a Bible-believing Christian I know that God hates the innocent being murdered (including and especially children). Thus, my road to decide who to vote for begins here. And, although I have voted for pro-life democrats in the past; these days they are very hard to find.

I'll not go on and on; but let me conclude by saying, I KNOW that the God of the God. And I KNOW that He has blessed this nation. And I KNOW that turning from Him brings and is bringing needful consequence. But, at the same time, I also know that multiplied thousands of Americans claim the title of Christian. And this causes me to wonder: what if "we," miraculously, for once!, united in our desire to "do thy will"? Could this turnabout delay the judgement that surely must be brewing? I dearly hope so. But in the meantime, and regardless of what my fellow Christ-claimers may do,  I'll not cast my blood-bought ballot for anyone who says the murder of the acceptable.



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