Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Serious Election

Not Serious we
(by R.P.Edwards)

Not serious are we
For serious things
Like marriage
And honor
And elections that bring
And so we shall reap
From unserious seeds
And dishonor
And a nation...that bleeds

As the election approaches I am painfully mindful: mindful of the ignorant; mindful of the oblivious, and devious; mindful of the dastardly and detached; mindful of the robed religious rogues and the acerbic academics; mindful of the "me first" media and the "do nothing" defenders. And, being mindful of "these," I realize that these, like "I," have the right and vote. 

But, I'm hopeful for the results a week from now. Hopeful for a more "baby-friendly" congress; a more "Israel-supporting" congress; a more "less of me" congress. Hopeful...for America. So, the "pray-ers" need to pray. And those who keep elections "honest," need to be ever vigilant. Of course, the ballot box will not "save" America, but a step in the right a step in the right direction.

And, in response to those in "high places" who show "low thinking" in regards to Israel; here's a reminder...


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