Friday, October 17, 2014

No Tyrants allowed

To Tyrants
(by R.P.Edwards)

Your power, sir
Is just on loan
So careful make
Your rules
For though your strength
You think your own
The voters
Are not fools

It should make every semi-conscious American's blood boil; elected officials abusing their power. Yes, those who gained their "position" by garnering support from WE THE PEOPLE, betraying the trust of the same.

The mayor of Houston, and her minions, don't like the idea of "pastors" possibly preaching (gasp!) the Bible. So, they issued subpoenas demanding sermons and communications for examination by these of a different faith (which, frankly, is exactly the case).

What caused the hubbub? A controversial ordinance that was shoved down the peoples throat having to do with unsavory (to many, most even) actions by gender-shifters. An ordinance that purposely bypassed the process of public endorsement.

Speaking as a liberty-loving American, I dearly hope that liberals and conservatives alike rise and go through the steps to throw these "bullies" out of office. Whatever your leaning, let us join together and make sure "tyrants" are not allowed to sully our sacred seats.

Here's a link that tells a bit more: Houston bullies pastors

PS: The above video is an encouragement for "believers" to vote their faith in the upcoming midterms.


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