Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look into the casket

The Whole Truth
(by R.P.Edwards)

Judgment distant
Judgment poor
Look in the casket
Be sure

Fifty-six years ago, this month, a fourteen year old African-American boy named Emmett Till went from his home in Chicago to visit some relatives in Mississippi.  He apparently said or did some inconsequential “something” that rubbed local whites the wrong way and, in the middle of night he was abducted, brutally tortured, murdered, and his body was dumped into the Tallahatchie River. His grieving mother, wanting the world to actually see what had been done to her child, ordered an open casket at the funeral.  Emmett’s horribly disfigured remains became a rallying point for a nation that was beginning to come to terms with the appalling injustice suffered by millions of their fellow Americans  The open casket…showed the truth. And the truth…led to action.

The other day, as I was searching for pro-life sites to send a book invite (Sir John & the Dragon’s Boast has a strong pro-life subplot) I ran across “The Center for Bio-ethical Reform.”  It’s homepage greeted me with an Emmett Till moment.  For there, on the screen, scrolling before me, was the truth of abortion.  Graphic? Yes.  But jarringly eye-opening. And, I dare say, if the seven black-robed men who, in 1973, took on the mantle of godhood, and passed the death sentence for over 50 million Americans; if these had paused to look into the casket of their actions…they might have reconsidered.  And, if the millions of “I love Jesus” Christians who, without remorse, vote for those who support the slaughter; if these dared to look into the casket…they might reconsider.  And, if the local populace and government of Granite City IL, took a moment to see what their (our) indifference tolerates; they too might reconsider.

You know; I often hesitate at the using of the “M” word but, with the help of the visual truth, I now have no problem calling abortion what God calls it…murder.  And, dear reader, I challenge “you” to look into the casket.  But, be warned, “known” truth …makes demands.  Here's a link:

Following is a verse from a Bob Dylan song having to do with the injustice done to Emmett Till.  I have no idea what the “blowin’ in the wind” folks singer thinks of the unborn.  But…the words fit.

If you can't speak out against this kind of thing, a crime that's so unjust,
Your eyes are filled with dead men's dirt, your mind is filled with dust.
Your arms and legs they must be in shackles and chains, and your blood it must refuse to flow, For you let this human race fall down so God-awful low!
from The Death of Emmett Till by Bob Dylan)



Leona Salazar said...

Once again, you've made a clear and truthful statement about the horrific crime of abortion. Seldom, if ever, are the pro-choice people faced with the brutal reality of their beliefs.

David Walker said...

Thank you for providing this link. I have put it up on my FB page and I know my friends took it from there.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thank you, Leona and David. Sadly, many will "look into the casket" and be unmoved. However, some will be...