Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Coming Storm

It’s coming
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Take cover!”
Just won’t cut it
“Batten down!”
It just won’t do
There’s a killer storm a comin’
And it’s coming, sir, for you
So before this surly slayer
Comes surely cross your path
Seek refuge in the tower
That delivers souls…from wrath

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe.
(Proverbs 18:10)

At the time of this writing, Hurricane Irene is still in the process of chewing up the eastern seaboard. It’s a big’n.  Spanning hundreds of miles this slow mover blows hard and waters much.  She’s the talk of the news and many have and are preparing for her coming.  Following is what Mayor Ray Sturza told a Fox reporter.

“Our principle goal is not to lose a life. There’s no reason anyone should lose their life as a result of this. We know it’s coming. We’re implementing safety measures. But, it creates a sense of anxiety because it’s getting ready to turn your whole life upside-down if you live out here.”

The good mayor is the leader of the small town of Kill Devil Hills.  Located on the outer banks of North Caroline, said community is just a little south of Kitty Hawk; yes, of Wright Brothers fame.  Supposedly the Midwesterners spent some time there testing their gliders before the powered flight they are so famous for.

Anyway, just another centering thought.  It seems the collective “we” have enough sense to prepare for the coming hurricane, but, dear reader, the storm called “death” is also on the horizon; and it is definitely coming, unstoppably, for you…and me.  The remedy; the solution; the answer to this killer, however, is not a matter of our “doing,” not a matter of boards on the window, or running in the roadster, but it is a needful recognizing and reaching out to the one who has already “done.”  And that person; that strong tower; that one who has conquered the storm…is Jesus Christ.  And so, as the waters of death come closer; as it begins to lap at our feet, and then creep ever higher, threatening and promising to swallow our hopes, our dreams, our very life and soul; let us just do what those in the icy waves do instinctively.  Those whose trusted vessel has gone under and their mortal strength reveals its fatal unfaithfulness; let us just look to the compassionate rescuer nearby and cry out, “Jesus, save me!”  And then, as his hand is offered…just take it. Yes, take his hand…and live.


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