Thursday, August 18, 2011

Perry and Global Warming

 The Chicago Cubs and Global Warming.  Yeah, that's me singing. Read the piece, then listen to me croon.

Because we say so
(by R.P.Edwards)

“Because we say so!”
That’s the gist
The liberal stamp
On favored lists
Global Warming
Married Gays
Spread the wealth
The rich man pays
Man from bugs
Bullets bad
We’ll fight with hugs
Babies only, when they cry
In the womb?
Ok to die
Worship gods
But not the Christ
History, ok to heist
America, the planet’s scum
But tyrants?
Well, we call them “chum”

But Perry's opinion runs counter to the view held by an overwhelming majority of scientists…”  A lined gleaned from an AP piece concerning Texas Governor, Rick Perry’s expressed doubts that the activity of man has caused global warming.  Translation: “Anybody who’s anybody “knows” that human activity is causing the globe’s fever. We have a list.”

I’ll not belabor the point (the job beckons), but Mr Perry’s not falling for the “a bunch of us says so” line is just another reason to look his way.   “Majority rules” may work in Congress, or on the playground, but it shouldn’t be the standard for scientific fact.  It’s refreshing when, from time to time, the emperor is reminded that he is buck naked.  Kudos, Texan!

Here’s a link to “another” list.  Scientists who respectfully disagree with Al Gore’s child



jeftex said...

Perry does have his good points, but I'm disturbed that he makes exceptions in his pro-life stance for rape and incest. I don't know of any crime other than these two where the child of the criminal gets the punishment.

R.P. Edwards said...

I certainly agree with you brother, and I'm not saying Gov Perry is the only way to go, but, as has been said before; if it comes down to Rick Perry and Barak Obama...

Leona Salazar said...

I love the video! I also agree with jeftex about the exceptions that even pro-life proponents advocate.

R.P. Edwards said...

Thanks Leona. Hopefully, the governor can be persuaded to fine tune his views.