Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rick Perry for Prez

Suggestion: read my little preamble, then click on the video above.
Rick Perry
(by R.P.Edwards)

Far from Harvard’s Ivy ick
That squishy speech that makes you sick
A Texan talks
In honest drawl
Reminding we
Of freedom’s call

Past the midnight toll.  Still catching up a bit.  I looked to youtube to find Texas Governor, Rick Perry’s, “running for president” announcement.  He chose to avoid the “straw” poll in Iowa and spilled the beans in South Carolina instead.   I’ll not ramble (as “his” words are first hand, and mine, second) however, I was immediately endeared because he didn’t use…a teleprompter.

The question: Am I fully behind Mr. Perry?  Still deciding, but yes, I’d take him any day (you know the rest).

Here’s a link to a site that shows where the governor stands on a variety of topics.


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