Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Supreme Solution

A song about the supreme court.  And you thought we didn't have royalty in this country. 

Pilot Error
(by R.P.Edwards)

The ground is unforgiving
For flight plans…gone awry
And with the pilot error
A crash
And people…die

It was a monstrous airship; a multiengined stratoliner that carried a multitude, higher, higher, faster, faster through an often turbulent and storm-tossed sky interspersed, from time to time, with huge granite peaks piercing the white canopy, promising, with the slightest error in judgment, a quick and violent and certain…end.  But, with a reliable and tested flight plan, and a competent crew, the many on board felt fairly secure that their destination would be reached.  That is, until the nine navigators began quibbling over the course.  For, you see, four were adamant that the written instructions were to be taken “as is,” and four thought there was wiggle room in the reading of the coordinates (indeed, their predecessors established the precedence of throwing babies out the rear exit to lighten the load, and “their” predecessors thought Americans with dark skin could also be likewise treated)  And the final navigator, the decider, he waffled back and forth betwixt the two.  Finally, after the horrified passengers saw the wingtips barely brush the branches on a speeding past peak, they banded together and decreed (for these many actually “owned” the aircraft) that “wayward” navigators could be overruled, and if need be…fired.


Although it seems I’m on a Rick Perry run, I’m actually still in a wait and see mode.  However, the recent publication of his “to do” list caught my eye.  Abolish the income tax; balance the budget; make abortion illegal; defend traditional marriage, and a couple of provisions to rein in activist judges.  Concerning the “Kings,” these would have term limits and, if a heinous or outlandish ruling came down (such as Roe v Wade) the congress, with a two thirds majority, could “overrule” the judges without going the amendment route.  I like that; and it’s about time. But I have to wonder; how did we even get to this spot where we nonchalantly accept the fact that some judges can rewrite the Constitution without consequence?  Of course there should be provisions short of impeachment to correct a wayward judiciary!  I only hope it happens before the “navigators” turn us into the ever-nearing cliffs.

Rick Perry’s “to do” list:  Gov Perry's list


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