Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlie Rangel and Jesus

To enhance your journey (if you can stand it) you are invited to click the youtube link above.

What Would Jesus Do?
(by R.P.Edwards)

Words to live by
For you
For me
But please
Oh please
Before we say
Let’s read the book
To learn
His way

Representative Charlie Rangel, 81 years old, Today! (Happy Birthday, Mr Rangel) [oops, "June 11", not July, Mea Culpa].  He’s kind of up there, so maybe a little slack is in order.  But please, Charlie, “What would Jesus do?”

His comment had to do with the debate over raising the debt ceiling.  How some might suffer from the lack of funds.  On a Sunday interview he added,
“The issues are so morally clear, and that is we are our brothers keeper…if you read your Bibles, and you read the spiritual scriptures you will see that clearly, God would have; Jesus would have something to say about this debate…”

Well, the logical progression (or digression) is, good sir, what would be Jesus’ thoughts concerning your views of the unborn, traditional marriage, etc.

I won’t go on and on.  It’s an old saw.  It’s one of my puzzlements; that so many who “speak” of and for him, either are misinformed, forgetful, or perhaps “hopeful” that “He” is created in “their” image.

One thing is certain; without question, when compared to Redeemer, we all fall short.  However, as many who would inject "Him" into the debate (whatever that debate might be); heaven help us all…to line up with “His” dos.

Here’s a link to Mr. Rangel’s brief interview on Fox (sorry for the commercial) WWJD

And here’s former Pastor/Governor Mike Huckabee’s take: 
Mike's take

The theme music comes from the 1961 movie, King of Kings.  The musical Miklos Rozsa.  I actually love this music.  Why? Because way back when, when I saw these "movies" on TV, the Lord would use these imperfect vessels (Hollywood took liberties) to touch a young man's heart. 



Lily said...

Thanks for the post and by the way I also like very much the music of Miklos Rozsa. Just because it reminds me of some good memories of my youth...
Handy Moves

R.P. Edwards said...

Lily, I agree. These many years later...the music brings me back.

Leona Salazar said...

Rangel reminds me of Nancy Pelosi, who injects her Catholicism when it suits her. I wrote about her in Cafeteria Catholic Extraordinaire a while back. As someone raised as a Roman Catholic, I'm appalled every time I hear someone picking and choosing those tenets they deem helpful to them.

Self L said...

I am a big Miklos Rozsa's fan as well. The music has a strong emotional effect on me. Sometimes I play it to get in a particular mood.

Self L