Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Wrong side of Prosperity

Generic Faith
(by R.P.Edwards)

Generic Faith
A wonderful thing
It makes the saint
And heathen sing
For one can see
The invisible God
And the other sees man
In a lifeless…bog

Poor Tommy
(by R.P.Edwards)

Little Tommy
Fat and fed
Twists upon
His comfy bed
Dreaming of
A life of ease
No more
“Mommy, Daddy, please”
And so upon
His eighteenth toll
He bids goodbye
And takes a stroll
Free from chains
Of Don’ts and Dos
A life of only
“I…will choose”
But soon
With given money…spent
His “life” is labor
Bowed and bent
The world, his tutor
Cold and cruel
His teacher’s taunt
“Now listen, Fool!”
And now see Tommy
Nearly dead
Twisting on
His cardboard bed
Dreaming of
His life of ease
When he said
“Mommy, Daddy…please”

And the thought came to me, “We’re on the wrong side of prosperity.”  We’re on the “handed to me” side.  The “I didn’t have to earn it” side.  And, as is sometimes the case, since we’ve always “had” it, we can get a little “squishy” as to how we got here, and how we can stay here.

Oh, I’ve experience in this.  Mom and Dad provided a fine home: food, clothing, healthcare, a peaceful environment.  But I, as ignorance is wont to do, made broad sweeping assumptions as I jumped into the arms of “the world.” Knowing, naturally, that all the hard earned givens of mom and pop…would go with me.  Nope.

Even so, today, as our parents’ inheritance is nearly spent (financially and morally), and we, at last, become somewhat concerned (well, not in the moral area, we haven’t quite reached Sodom yet), we theorize what “we” will do to maintain the peace and prosperity so willingly handed to us.  And, dear reader, I believe our “assumptions” will lead, if we’re not careful, to the cardboard box, and the tin cup, and the toothless grin, and the diseased death…at an early age.

Ok, enough of that.  Of late, I’ve been busy with the e-book thing (not to mention “the job”).  The words are adequate (maybe, changes with each read). And the punctuation is passable (maybe, changes with each reading) and, I’m a little concerned that there might be a “cat edit” in the mix.  Meaning; in the editing process the cat dashed across the keyboard (at least once.) I didn’t see any damage, but there might be something weird in there.  Please let me know if you find one.

Anyway, the book is back up (to your upper right).  And, till the end of July…it is a “free” download.  So, click on the dragon; put it in your “cart” (there’s some other hoops, of course) and, in the coupon spot, type WN25P.  And, if you don’t have an e-reader device, might I suggest the free adobe reader (that’s what I use on the computer).  Here’s a link:


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