Saturday, July 16, 2011

Angela Michael for Congress

300,000 and counting

The Fourth estate
(by R.P.Edwards)

May bring mercy
But only by
But what of those
Who “know” the truth
And “keep” that truth
From thee?

The thought came to me, “I’m a supporter; not a reporter.”

The setting: in front of one of the largest abortion mills in the Midwest.  Name: the Hope Clinic for Women.  The occasion: a courageous pro-life advocate named, Angela Michael, is running on the democratic ticket…for congress.  To introduce her; a man of some notoriety, Randall Terry.  If you’re a little older that name may sound familiar.  He was the former head of Operation Rescue; a group known for blockading abortion providers with their bodies; a kind of civil disobedience thing.  And, he’s also running for president.

Well, you might think this “official announcement” might warrant a reporter or two.  Nope.  Even though the “heads up” press release came out two days prior, the regional rag…would have none of it.

“So strange,” thought I.  Surely “some” of their readership is interested (ironically: this paper is supposedly the “conservative” voice around here [alright, I’ll tell you, The Belleville News Democrat]).  Mr. Terry’s past, alone, is worth at least a paragraph.  And the story of “why” they’re running is compelling.  But, apparently the “paper powers” don’t want to know; and sadly, tragically, they don’t want “you” to know either. 

A while back I read a snippet of something that Pope Benedict XVI wrote: It was in reference to when Jesus asked the Father to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  And, there were a couple other instances in the scripture where the “ignorance defense” was given.  Said the Papal chief: “Ignorance diminishes guilt, and leaves open the path to conversion.”  I went “Hmmm” that sounds about right.  But then I ask myself, “When it comes to evil.  What of those who not only approve of it; but then actually go out of their way to make sure you remain…ignorant?”

In my rummaging about the web I found Mr. Terry’s website.  If you're concerned about the unborn, I would recommend a look.   Also, included is a link to Mrs Michael’s campaign site.

Angela Michael for Congress
Randall Terry

And, you may notice the dragon to your right.  It’s a book that was penned some time ago and is now available for download.  I recommend you read the “free portion” first, and then, (if you are so inclined) wait a week for the rest.  Why?  Because I want to read the thing for the millionth time to make sure I didn’t make a keystroke boo boo in the final phase (if found, it should be corrected by then). 



Tere Eye said...

I wonder if you realize that the press release you refer to was "released" just one day before the actual press conference? (See Below)

IF you want the press to notice you, you have to give them more than ONE working day to hear about it and react.

As it happens, the BND, The Post Dispatch and The Highland News leader all did stories on her "candidacy" but since there is no primary or any congressional election in Illinois this year, or until Spring 2012, they probably did not think it was "hot news".

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE* —12 July, 2011*CONTACT:* Katherine Veritas;
*Angela Michael to announce candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives on
Thursday, July 14; Presidential Candidate Randall Terry to provide
introduction. Platform: “Life and Liberty…Under God.”*

R.P. Edwards said...

I suppose you could be right. Perhaps I carry the baggage of observing the BND's blatant indifference as to the going's on at Hope Clinic over the last two decades. I am, however, honored you visited my humble blog.