Monday, September 27, 2010

Department of Injustice

Not so Blind
(by R.P.Edwards)

Miracles of miracles!
A blind girl, given sight
Able now, to see it all
From dark
To pasty white
Alas, this lass is Themis
Lady Justice, known to most
And now that she
Can see so well
Caucasian folk…are toast

“The question, my future barristers,  is three fold (the ancient professor, aptly surnamed Equitas, stood by the opened levered window and gently stroked the outermost petals of his beloved pink chrysanthemum --curiously named, Lilly--and, looking out and down to the law school’s common, continued)  1. Corruption; what is it?  2. (still stroking) When discovered in authority, what should be done? and 3. What is the ultimate correction?”  Turning to the handful of upperclassmen who had decided to take this “non-required” course, after bending to retrieve one wilted shedling from the floor he slowly stood and nodded to the lone hand, waving in the back.  “Yes, mister…mister…Novus.”

“Professor,” began the a-bit-of-a-prodigy seventeen year old.  “Corruption, in this context, would be exhibiting a bias, either for or against.  Such as (the lad knew the teacher liked concrete examples) a policeman choosing to ticket or pursue certain violators, and excusing others.  Or, it could be as simple as taking a bribe to turn a blind eye.  Secondly (the professor, with eyes closed was slowly nodding; a sure sign of contemplative approval), to remedy corruption in a lower level there has to be correction rendered by a higher authority; as in those directly over the offender and, if these too are tainted, then, the city leaders might need to get involved, or perhaps the county (the professor continued to nod, which served as encouragement to the orator)and, if higher authority is also corrupt,  then….then even higher authority must step in to correct. Perhaps a state agency might becoming involved and, I suppose (the professor, still nodding, opened his eyes and shuffled back to “Lilly”), I suppose,  if even the state agency had soiled hands and hearts, then, then…federal authority would have to step in.  The Department of Justice, I believe, could correct the problem.”

“What if, Mr. Novus (the teacher used a sleeve to wipe a smudge from the window and looked wistfully upon the distant bronze likeness of Themis, the scale toting goddess of justice), what if the Department of Justice is itself…corrupt?”

“Well…well, hopefully the whole department would not be, sir.  And, I suppose…I suppose our elected officials and the administration could step in and expunge the violators.”

“And, what if the elected officials…are also corrupt? (the professor began to gently primp the petals anew.)”

“Well, then, once the populace becomes aware of the corruption, as in exposure by an unbiased media (some sarcastic snickering comes from the other upperclassmen at this remark) then, in the next election we could ‘throw the bums out,’ if you will.”

Dr. Equitas slowly turned and shuffled to the middle, front.  “Well said, Mr. Novus.  But what if…what if the corruption is such that the voting process itself…is beyond redemption?”

The lad looked briefly into the face of his distant mentor and then, gazing down at his number 2 pencil-- which was covered with dental dents--he, a few seconds later, looked up and weakly offered… “Revolution?” 

“Exactly, Mr Novus, (a slight pause as the implication was allowed to incubate)…Revolution is the ultimate solution.  That is, aside from a spiritual awakening.  But, since such a suggestion is heresy in this haven of secularism.  Revolution…it is.”

On Friday, last, a Christopher Coates, former Civil Rights Voting Chief of the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ; say it with me, “Department…of…Justice” claimed whistle blower status as he finally acquiesced to a subpoena by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (his employer having long said, “don’t go”) and, in his opening remarks, described said Division as having a “long term hostility to race neutral enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.”  He also used phrases like, “Hostile atmosphere,” “deep seated opposition,” “systemic problems.”  In a nutshell, the respected attorney alleged (giving examples) that, when there were apparent violations of the Voting Rights Act (I.e. New Black Panther case and others, including voter fraud) that the division leadership would not pursue--now get this--justice, if the victim or victims were “not” a minority.  In other words, for whatever reason, there is no justice for Caucasians in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.  Say it with me, “Department…of…Justice.”

Now, I must admit, I’ve been out of the loop the last few days (the midnight shift, overtime, etc) but I truly thought this story would explode over the weekend.  Think about it, a part of the Department of Justice-- folks who get their paycheck from us, the taxpayers--they, if allegations are true, are biased, corrupt, even criminal.  And, although the “problem” has apparently been around for a while; the Obama administration, rather than correct or curtail, has apparently added the fire (again, alleged.)

Well, let’s just assume the allegations are true.  Let’s assume that the public trust has been abused.  That those we depend on to protect us…are really those who devour us.  Well, the solution…is a purging.  Our elected officials need to get off their “reelect me” derrieres…and investigate…and fire some people if need be.

Yes, more than ever, we need a sea change in Washington.  For, when our voting rights are corrupted; when this sacred liberty--for which hundreds of thousands of patriots have died, and continue to die!--when this is stolen by a few corrupt bureaucrats and ignored by a biased media, then, more than ever the people of this Republic need to remind the Washintonians…that they…work…for us!!

Here’s a c-span link to Mr. Christopher’s testimony (don’t know how long it will last).

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