Friday, September 10, 2010

To see the President

To see the President
(by R.P.Edwards)

O, to see the President!
It once was hard to do
‘Specially for your average Joe
The chances, far…and few
An astronaut
A princess
Or a player on some team
Yes, these might shake the big man’s hand
But for me, twas just…a dream
But now I’ve learned the secret!
I’ve seen it on the news
A way to meet him
One on one
To share a beer…or two
Just raise a royal ruckus
‘bout religion, or ‘bout race
And say that “he’s” the only cure
A meeting
Face…to face

It’s Friday morning and the huge natural gas explosion in California has taken the “Koran” burning story off the front page.  Yesterday, as I prepared to do that “work thing,” one possible “solution” was a one on one with the Prez.  Yes, pastor Terry talking it over with the Commander in Chief, Mr. Obama.  Of course, now, twenty-four hours later, all that has changed.

A few thoughts.  First: The media.  Wanting to actually hear the guy, I listened to an ABC piece that’s currently up.  Then I went to good ‘ol youtube for more.  I clicked on a Nightline piece and then clicked it off well before it’s end.  Why? Because, as controversial as Pastor Terry is, the oozing sanctimonious sentences coming from the commentator…were turning my stomach.

Yes, it’s becoming an ever expanding burr under my saddle; the redefining of the culture by the “godless elite.” I cringe when they use phrases like “American ideals,” or “core values,” as if what they currently espouse in any way resembles the Judeo-Christian womb from which we sprang.  And, true to form, they deride and belittle the Florida “Troublemakers,” pointing out the smallness of the congregation (soon to grow, I’ll wager) and they readily waft words like “fringe” and “cult”--even though they wouldn’t know “orthodoxy” if it hit them in the face.

To conclude:  American Missionaries are murdered in the name of Allah…and we only mumble our discontent.  But, let a Christian Preacher threaten to burn a Koran…and the world does somersaults.
Concerning the controversial preacher and church, I’d like to do a little more research, but their website is down and, sadly, the media filter has shown itself to be untrustworthy.   However, at the end of the day, we may discover that they are not extreme; we may discover that we…are just…wimps.

Like the cartoon above?  It’s done by the award winning editorial cartoonist of the Belleville News Democrat Newspaper, Glenn McCoy.  Here’s a link where you can see more.  Glenn McCoy


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