Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Choice of "We the People"

The Chosen
(by R.P.Edwards)

Mushy, moldy, moderates
Lying on the mat
Put there by constituents
Tired of…the fat
Bewildered at the counting
Confused by all the din
They thought they were the people’s choice
But no
“They” chose…to win

I don’t know why it gives me a degree of satisfaction; this whole anti-establishment thing.  I’m speaking of some of the “upsets” that happened in primaries of late where the GOP’s choices…were unchosen by the people.  Maybe it’s because I’ve become aware that even among Lincoln’s heirs…there is an elite; an upper crust, an “expectant” royalty and, though perhaps not as pervasive as in the donkey’s den, it is still there and, when it is, shall we say, unsettled, well…I kind of like it.

Last night there were some primaries where the “favorites” …went unfavored.  Joe DioGuardi (former congressman, dad of former American Idol judge, Kara), well, the big guys of the elephant party did not want him to have an opportunity to occupy the vacant Hillary Clinton senate spot, but the voters thought otherwise.  Today he said, “Last night validated ‘We the People.’ I’m a product of the people, not the party.  And today people are fed up; no matter what party they’re in…this is going to be a political revolution in November…today the people trump everything.  They’re upset, they’re mad, they’re gonna change things, and I’m gonna lead them to that change.”

Christine O’Donnell, the tea party favorite in the Republican Party primary for Joe Biden’s Senate seat; well, the “wise ones” wanted the more moderate, Mike Castle.  The people chose differently. Here’s a few words from her victory speech.  “It’s more of a cause than a campaign; and the cause is restoring America…Don’t ever underestimate the power of “We the People!”…this partnership doesn’t end on election day; it begins on election day…we have to unite for the greater good of what is right in America.”

Let me finish with Carl Paladino, a real estate developer who won the Republican primary determining who would have an opportunity to move into the Governor’s mansion.  He, too, beat the “chosen one.”  Here’s a few memorable words:  “And I’ll reform Albany.  I’ll clean up the cesspool of corruption so our government serves the people once and for all…government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Imagine that; We the People…choosing.   God Bless America.


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