Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fiscal Phantom

 Fiscal Phantom
(by R.P.Edwards)

Fiscal Conservatism
Merely a plank
If solely constructed
Afloat…becomes “sank”
The movement is deeper
Than a budget…in check
For the compass awry
And the vessel…must wreck

Fiscal Conservative.  Another label.  Another narrowing of definition.  Another herding into a less populated pen.  Granted, it’s a big one.  For, under this outsized umbrella…are many.  Many, who, although not traditionally associated with “the right;” these diverse droves join the ever growing number who see the necessity of getting our financial house…in order.  And thus, if for no other reason than the desired “blackness” of the bottom line, they, especially in these days, gravitate towards the Republican Party. 

Now, perhaps a reminder is in order.  For the familiar and uninitiated alike, this writer, such as he is, has his feet planted firmly on both sides of the political isle.  Indeed, associated and sympathetic to the idea of Union and collective power, this scribbler nevertheless leans consistently to the starboard side.  Why?  Because, for whatever reason, it is the Party of Lincoln that is more likely to protect the innocent unborn.  It is the GOP that is more likely to defend traditional values, and it is the Republican Party that is more likely to stand along side our ally, Israel, and say, “If you mess with him; you mess with me!” And, by the way, of the two parties the elephant is more likely to restrict and reduce government, and they just might figure out how to rein in an out of control budget.

So, what was the impetus for this piece?  Simply this: of late I’ve been “schooled” on the obvious excesses of the people in power.  And, most of these “lessons” have to do with, in one way or another…money.  And, along with the teaching, there is a call for Republicans to come back home.  And it’s here I suspend, for, it was not the dollar that gave strength to the abolitionists hands.  It was not the budget that prompted the donning of the blue, and the giving of the red.  And it was not the wallet that paid the awful price of a nation united…and free.  And, if Republicans cannot remember this; if they allow themselves to be seduced and reduced by the Fiscal Phantom, well, they may indeed ascend to the captaincy and even chart the “new” direction of promise, but, as the officers man the rail and fill their lungs with the invigorating salt air, there very next breath might be interrupted by the unseen berg…the chilling relentless blade that viciously pierces our national heart…and sends us to the icy bottom.


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