Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sarah, don't despair

Sarah, don’t despair
(by R.P.Edwards)

Sarah, Sarah,
Don’t despair
They think we do
But we don’t care
They set you up
A hatchet job
A veiled elite
A liberal snob
Just trying to
Evoke a slip
And then exploit
To sink your ship
But we know them
They’re light as air
So Sarah, Sarah
Don’t despair

Sarah Palin talks gainfully with a disgruntled lady and (allegedly) rolls her eyes when the antagonist states her occupation as…teacher.  Around the world the keyboardists press and pass the story of the former governor’s apparent impropriety. But, for those of us who’ve been around the block (and there’s more all the time) it’s just another see-through attempt by the light weight media.

Oh, to be sure, a couple years back many were swayed by the silky words of the candidates and the glowing endorsements of the fourth estate.  But now, with reality staring us square in the face, we need more than airy promises and a free pass by the like-minded press.  Indeed, we’ve discovered that it’s results, not rants; substance, not slurs; bottom lines, not bottom feeders.  Yes, we need solid--know where they stand and what they’ve done--candidates…like Sarah Palin.

Reminder:  Once again; ours is an inherited greatness.  Without question this uniquely blessed America was effortlessly handed down to us from past generations whose values and beliefs were often very far removed from the many who currently dominate the classroom and television studio.  And, although today's "wise ones" speak authoritatively; it is not an earned honor.  And, frankly, we, whom they would influence--when it comes right down to it--we owe them…nothing.  They didn’t bring us here, and they (if the near past is any indication) can’t be trusted to bring us forward.

So, Sarah…relax.  We know who, and what they are.  And we certainly know who…you are.


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