Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dust...to dust

I used to go to weddings
(by R.P.Edwards)

I used to go to weddings
Beginnings….every one
A milestone for children
The daydream …of the young
But now I go to funerals
And weddings?
Far and few
And dreams are filled
With dreaming
Of forever’s

Her name was (is) Melanie.  She was (is) a relative by Christ, and she went to be with Him years too early (in my opinion).  In her early forties when making the jump, she had been sorely afflicted with diabetes for quite some time which resulted in blindness, kidney failure, leading to coma…then death.  She left on this side a husband, David, and a teenage daughter, Jessica.

I’ve been on the midnight shift.  A bit out of it (more than usual) and, although there are topics of interest floating around, I think I’ll just pause a moment before the urn (she was cremated) and reflect.

As I look at the simple display (the grieving husband to my right) I must acknowledge the truthfulness of the scripture that reminds us; life (in this flesh) is but a vapor.  We‘re here…then we’re gone.  We’re singing…then silent.  Dancing…then done.  And, left to mourn us…many (for a very brief span). And a few (for a lifetime).  And, as we gaze at the “pictures” of the deceased, the ills of the country recede.  Power, politics, pollution, platforms, enemies, economics, …they all fall before the reaper. 

And so, with an embrace, and a few words of comfort, there is a needful reminder that our common Christian anchor  is fastened to firmer stuff than is found…here.  Our “home,” our “real” home, has an address not found on any GPS.  And our family dwelling, with Jesus holding the door, knows no tears "or" separation.

Goodbye Melanie.  It will be only a moment…and we‘ll see you again.


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