Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me! Me! Pick Me!

Nancy’s Funding Folly
(by R.P.Edwards)

Funding for me!
Funding for me!
Nancy says
There’s funding for me!
How do I get it?
Where do I sign
Cash for opinion
I’d like that
Just fine

I call it “The Thinking Man’s Car” for, when I drive it I have to think about the temperature gauge, the muffler’s wire job, and the quick erosion of the front left tire, even though major dough has been handed to the “experts” to fix the problem.

Anyway, I was tooling across the ol’ Mississip because (as previously stated somewhere) the people of Missouri don’t allow excessive gouging at the gas pump.  I didn’t know how much cash I’d save, but I knew it would be cheaper than the tax-payer slave state of Illinois [catch the irony? Land of Lincoln? Slave state? Ah…forget it!]

And then I saw it!  Gasp! Could it be true?  The price of the petrol was actually thirty-three cents cheaper!  Understand, twenty cents I was hopeful for.  Even ten would be nice.  But THIRTY-THREE! Oh nelly!  So, I parked the buick, filled the lady up, conveyed the savings to my wife--who wisely suggested I bring the old van over too--and then went happily on and, as I suspected deep down--felt in my gut--this anomaly was short lived.  Sure enough, by the time the Safari was fetched the QT I had gone to had already raised it’s price 19 cents!  However, I still found a Show-Me State place with the cheaper price (tee hee.)

And, speaking of money, I hear in the news that the Speaker of the House, Ms Pelosi, is all for “looking” into who’s behind the funding of those opposed to the Mosque on the Ground Zero site.  Huh? Funding? There’s FUNDING behind the opposition?  Oh, I get it!  She thinks there has to be a paycheck involved, otherwise there wouldn’t be any real opposition.

Oh, this is hilarious.  Well, ma’am, since “I” is one who is vocally opposed, I “too” would like to find these funders.  Frankly I could stand a little extra “coin.” To pay for gas, if nothing else.

Okay, below is my word for word rendition of what the good lady said to the San Francisco Chronicle reporter (windy day, I did my best).  Below the quote is a link to the article (and video).

The speaker said, “But there is no question ah, that ah, ah there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some.  And I join, ah, the these who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded…”

 San Francisco Chronicle article

By-the-way, there’s a new video in the bar.  Titled, “Vote them Out!” You might find it mildly amusing.


Wesley Sargent said...

Yes, I had a helluva time yesterday spending all the money I received from Sen. Harry Reid for my Opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque. Doesn't Nancy realize that the opposition is just Americans exercising their First Amendment Rights?

R.P. Edwards said...

Sadly, Wes, she apparently "doesn't get it." Another reason we need a sea-change in the congress.